Whether too hot or too cold, retail will know about it. Customers, staff and potentially stock alike will be uncomfortable if the temperature of the shopping experience is not just right. The last thing you want is to drive away that all important business. However, in a climate controlled, well ventilated and comfortable environment, it’s easier to drive sales and keep stock moving. Climate Care UK provides air conditioning and all HVAC needs for businesses and retailers around the country… From more modest independent retailers to the big high street units.

Climate Care Sectors Retail


Production line and manufacturing processes can often produce excess heat. Not only can this have a negative impact on the efficiency and productivity of staff, but also on the quality of raw materials or finished goods throughout the process. Investing in the right air conditioning equipment in the right spot could lead to dramatic improvements, increasing productivity and quality.

Climate Care Sectors Manufacturing

Hotel and Leisure

The hotel and leisure industry include a vast range of activities and premises. From a relaxing spa, hotel rooms for business travellers, a busy morning blast at the gym or even the hot sizzling kitchen, they all have one thing in common… A need for the climate temperature and ventilation to be just right. Climate Care UK currently works with a range of established hotel groups. From service and maintenance of all areas, to design and install for new premises…To make sure guests, staff or you don’t have to worry.

Climate Care Sectors Hotels

Public Sector

It is essential that procurement processes within the public sector meet uncompromising standards of transparency and accountability. Climate Care UK work closely with various publicly funded bodies, government departments and professional contractors to meet the very highest standards. Therefore providing cost-effective, quality air conditioning solutions.

Climate Care Sectors Public


Across the education sector, from primary schools right through to universities and colleges, maintaining the correct temperature is imperative in aiding productivity and concentration in students. This becomes even more important during exam season, which typically occurs through some of the hottest months of the year.

Climate Care Sectors Education


High temperatures can have a devastating impact in the healthcare sector and lead to a number of issues. This can without a doubt include the increased risk and faster spread of infection, increased recovery times and greater numbers of absent staff. Keeping staff and patients comfortable will not only improve morale, but could save lives.

Climate Care Sectors Healthcare

Information Technology

In the I.T industry, computer suites and server rooms generate vast amounts of heat. It is therefore incredibly important to ensure that temperatures remain stable and controlled. Most businesses rely on their I.T equipment for everything from emails to confidential client data. Should the systems fail, it could indeed lead to potentially devastating consequences. An effective air conditioning system can undoubtedly play a vitally important role in keeping sensitive equipment operating properly.

Climate Care Sectors I.T

Facilities Management

Providing adequate building services is a crucial aspect of the facilities management service. Air conditioning is increasingly becoming one of the most important components. Climate Care UK can help you keep your promises regarding energy efficiency and reduced downtime.

Climate Care Sectors Facilities

Domestic / Residential

The advice, expertise and guidance from the friendly team at Climate Care UK is available to a wide range of customers, including domestic customers. We can provide advice on air conditioning/climate regulating systems for a wide range of applications. These can include games rooms, living spaces and bedrooms, swimming pools, modern loft conversions and much more. Air conditioning can be a massively cost effective and clean alternative to current standard home heating systems.

Climate Care Sectors Domestic